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Our AV campaign started with a trailer inviting people to paradise, only to pull the rug revealing a mystery, a time jump, and a shift in main characters. We toed the line tonally between White Lotus and true crime, portraying to audiences an elevated and tense experience they could get hooked into. 

Our additional spots for both TV and social explored the various elements of the narrative, from Allison’s island experience to Emily’s investigation into her sister’s death, offering a juicy mystery thriller that was still grounded in human emotion.

Character Spotlights

As a way to introduce Saint X’s main characters, we created character spotlight videos for each, showcasing short snippets of footage from throughout the season edited together with text overlays and eerie audio to tease the dynamic character arcs and the dark mystery of the series.

We illustrated transitions in time, settings, and various characters’ points of view through an infinite zoom video that pushes the viewer through the intricate story of mystery, suspense, heartbreak, love, and loss.

Social Creative

The “X” played a massive role in our social creative. We used it as a visual motif for a video series that highlighted various moments, hinting to the story and greater mystery of the show. We created versions that showcased the tropical location of Saint X, the bustling energy of New York City, and the suspenseful moments of the various characters to show how they potentially interconnect to Alison’s death.

We highlighted key moments from the season to show the dramatic cause and effect of the actions on the characters. While fans who have seen the show understood the gravity of these moments, it intrigued new fans to watch and catch up to understand the stakes. 

Our creative highlighted the talent, the mystery, and drove excitement for the new series on Hulu leading up to premiere as well as during the weekly roll out.