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Kelly Adelman and Jen Kline Promoted to Presidents — Adelman to Lead Trailer Park AV, Film & Streaming; Kline to Lead Trailer Park AV, TV & Streaming

December 01, 2021

Two of Trailer Park Group’s top executives will be promoted to lead the Trailer Park AV division. Kelly Adelman will become President of Trailer Park AV, Film and Streaming, and Jen Kline will become President of Trailer Park AV, TV, and Streaming. Adelman, who started her career at Universal, is widely recognized as an industry standout for her outstanding creative and strategic vision. Her impressive rise at Trailer Park includes overseeing the dramatic growth of its film/streaming business amidst significant market disruption. Kline started on the client-side before joining Trailer Park in 2010.  She has been instrumental in building the AV TV team into a major creative force—delivering award-winning work and expanding the business with both AVOD and SVOD clients.

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