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Strategy is as much a resource within Trailer Park Group as it is a direct service for hire to clients. Strategy identifies how we talk about a property and how we get people talking about it. Backed by a national Millennial & Gen Z research panel, an advisory board of social influencers, and cutting edge social listening technology, our Strategy group works across Theatrical, Streaming, and TV entertainment marketing.

A mix of talent across Entertainment and Brand strategy, and Trends Research, the Strategy team drives the development of our creative briefs, concept development, and roll out of the agency’s integrated work.



  • Positioning Research
  • Concept Testing
  • Talent Research
  • Cultural Strategy
  • IP / Fan Insights


  • Creative Brief Development
  • Audience Profiles
  • Positioning
  • Creative Strategy
  • Influencer Identification
  • Partnerships
  • Go to Market Planning


  • Social Content Strategy
  • Listen & Respond Creative
  • Fanthropology
  • Anticipatory Social Content
  • Bridge Content Strategy
  • Custom Fan Research

Advisory Board of Social Creators

Learnings across audience development and consumer engagement sourced directly from creators on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and more.

National Millennial & Gen Z Insights Panel

A panel of over 150,000 15-39 year olds accessible for conducting quantitative and qualitative research.

Partner of USC Annenberg School

Guest professor for Audience Analysis course and research collaborator with Communications faculty.

Collaboration with the Marcus Graham Project

Partnership focused on diversity in entertainment, developing cultural insights across changing demographics and how to market to them.


Apple TV+

Case Studies

The Outsider


With Stephen King adaptations launching across nearly every streaming platform, The Outsider needed a strategy that built upon HBO’s successful track record of procedural dramas, but also exposed viewers to new boundaries in horror and mystery. TPG Strategy designed a creative strategy, positioning, audiences, and go-to market planning for The Outsider.



A massively controversial series with too many ways in — from Drake as EP to a transgender protagonist, Zendaya as its lead, and the constant portrayal of risky behavior. Euphoria needed a clear direction, target audience, and exploration of how to bring the series to market. We delivered a communications framework, creative strategy, defined its target audience, and served as strategy partner to the team to launch the series.



A classic tale that continues to be remade, the upcoming Cinderella from Sony needed a creative strategy to help the movie connect culturally and reach beyond its core fairy tale seeking audience. TPG Strategy provided Sony with cultural positioning for the upcoming release, partnering with the studio to build upon the film’s progressive nature and connect with moviegoers who might otherwise not be interested in a remake of a classic, albeit antiquated, fairy tale.



An originator of the true crime genre but a brand that is not top of mind in the current multi-platform true crime landscape, NBC hired TPG Strategy to develop a new position, message, and look for the series. Partnering with TPG’s AV and Content group, Strategy conducted a landscape audit of all things true crime, recruited superfans and genre fans into the office, and turned qualitative insight into actionable strategy. The result was a new Dateline promo campaign that launched the most recent season amidst a crowded landscape of true crime content.



TPG Strategy serves as communications strategy partner to HBO Max across a number of high-priority launch titles, providing a mix of positioning, creative strategy, audience and social tactics, as well as go-to market planning in supporting the new service’s upcoming launch.

The Clippers

Brand Positioning Campaign

The Clippers needed a new brand position and campaign to establish their value in one of America’s most crowded sports markets. Being the “underdog” is a badge of honor, and we identified that The Clippers are actually a more authentic reflection of LA’s people and what makes its citizens love the city. We pivoted out of the position “It Takes Everything” into a new positioning: “L.A. Our Way.” The mantra speaks to the team’s evergreen value with or without a championship, and gives back to a community that has been loyal to the team through a deeply controversial ownership transfer. The team saw a significant increase in ticket sales, social following and engagement, and brand affinity – all while competing for family entertainment alongside The Lakers’ addition of LeBron James.

Emerge Festival

Creative Strategy

Entering its third year, Emerge Music Festival aspired to be the antithesis of the modern music festival “escape,” by combining music with social consciousness, and turning attendance into impact. We partnered with the founders of Emerge to determine a unique path to stand apart from other festivals and reach a culturally-engaged audience. To achieve this, we conducted an extensive audit of the festival landscape, identified the core target audiences for festival attendance, and provided recommendations for creative materials, including tagline, poster, and hero video.

Jurassic World Live

Fan Trends and Insights

Jurassic World Live Tour is the latest arena experience from Feld Entertainment, bringing the beloved Jurassic film franchise to life for a unique and immersive live experience. As Feld began the work of adapting the franchise for the arena show, they needed help unpacking the massive fandom the Jurassic franchise has built over nearly 3 decades of films — and ensuring that fans’ needs would be met to help drive ticket sales. We sent Feld Entertainment quarterly reports analyzing masses of social conversation into fan trends and insights, and translated audience needs into opportunities to maximize both experience and marketing for those passionate about seeing the Jurassic franchise come to life.

His Dark Materials

Communicating Whole Family Value

Streaming services increasingly need “whole family” value to lure subscribers. Originally a beloved book series, and then a lukewarm theatrical adaptation, HBO brought His Dark Materials to lift as a premium TV series that stretched viewership outside of its core demo. The book series has a niche but super loyal fan base, but its 2007 theatrical adaptation was rejected by fans. The book series is overly complex, and so the TV adaptation needed a clear and broadly accessible way-in – especially considering the HBO brand does not signal “for the whole family.”

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