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Season 3 – Trailer

Hot off the Emmy win for Season 2, Trailer Park Group was tasked to develop a trailer for Season 3 that upped the ante from prior season, despite a more limited pool of guest star talent. 

Season 3 – Social Creative & Community Management

We dove into social listening to craft a strategy to roll out fresh social content that resonated with fans. We established a bold look for the series’ social creative, and leveraged it to spotlight key talent, amazing guest stars and fan-favorite sketches. Then, as episodes rolled out weekly, we listened to our fans to capitalize on meme-worthy conversations.

In addition to building the creative, we strategically developed a content rollout plan to build hype throughout the season and drive tune in every week. We also engaged with fans and talent to amplify the social conversation, leading it to trend on Twitter several times throughout the season.

Season 4 – Trailer

Heading into the final season and on the heels of several Emmy wins for Season 3, Trailer Park Group crafted a trailer that felt like a massive, star-studded, celebratory send off.

Season 4 – Social Creative, Talent Toolkits, and Community Management

With a refreshed social toolkit, our content strategy for Season 4 leaned into the shifting social algorithm to prioritize character introduction statics, editorial videos highlighting each main actress, as well as a supercut of all the celebrity guest stars. 

We also developed custom content for select talent to share on their own social media handles. We then married this content approach with our community management to amplify talents’ posts by sharing and commenting to further bring the tone of voice of the series into the social space.