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In partnership with Andscape, MXW produced the full 360-event owning all design, branding and production management, as well as curating creative content and live-events to bring the brand pillars to life. The cross-disciplinary programming and key points of activation featured an eclectic group of voices to promote the different forms of artistic expression at the heart of Andscape. Simultaneous events throughout the venue allowed attendees to curate their own personal journey. 

Part brand education, part high-level entertainment experience, the eclectic mix of in-person touchpoints would serve to illuminate the entire spectrum of Andscape brand pillars, powered by diverse Q&A panels, exclusive events, exciting live performances and more. 

To build enthusiasm for past, present and future studio projects, Andscape House would also serve as the launch point for Andscape’s upcoming film Cypher, which won the best U.S. Narrative Feature Award at the 2023 Tribeca Festival and was to be featured through a massive rooftop afterparty themed to the film, generating pre-awareness for release and providing an exciting end to the two-day takeover. 



  • The event exceeded all internal expectations and metrics, establishing the demand for an annual event. 
  • Recommitment by key stakeholders and recognition of Andscape’s value to the larger corporate organization. 
  • Demonstrated value in becoming an ever-evolving platform to feature up-and coming talent + local artists. 
  • Reached capacity at 500+ attendees per day over the course of the event. 
  • Social shares resulted in the brand hitting 20,000+ total reach, building fans and loyalists for the new company.