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Out of Home

This clean, talent-forward design was used in billboards, bus shelters, and other out-of-home placements to drive awareness, especially for the dual in-theater and Disney+ release.

Payoff Key Art

We brought together the characters and locations, with the hourglass symbol and redacted text, in this classic montage-style poster. Fans who read between the redacted text will find phrases such as “Natasha Romanoff” (Black Widow’s true identity), “cover blown… mission in jeopardy,” “need extraction,” and other easter eggs.

Character Series

Each of our character posters tells a piece of the story, but when assembled together, forms an hourglass shape. These pieces were used together in custom OOH placements, such as the Arclight wall.

Finally, each of the below designs were used as partner pieces with Disney’s cinematic partners, including RealD, ScreenX, and Dolby.