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Teaser Date Announcement

A snappy social asset with copy in a text message style to tease the date announcement, and only

showcasing footage of Coleen in the interview chair with no dialogue. The aim was to tease her appearance in the documentary and to get the audience excited and aware of the series drop date.


Our trailer began with the infamous tweet that started it all…with Coleen Rooney front and center.

Coleen’s interview footage was as the main structure of the piece, together with snippets of other interviews from Wayne Rooney, Piers Morgan, Coleen’s lawyers, family and friends. We highlight the scale of the media attention the case received for both parties, and all of the drama surrounding the story that the audience won’t want to miss.

We had to balance out re-telling the story for an unfamiliar audience, as well as a re-fresher for audiences already familiar with the scandal. As our copy reads ‘Think you’ve heard it all, think again’.


The subsequent TV, digital and social spots created built anticipation of the documentary series. Our :30 BVOD spots we’re split up into Pre-release and Post-release.

Our Pre-release spot, :30 Coleen, was more of an introduction to the story, re-telling the case with Coleen Rooney speaking for the first time as fresh angle.

Our Post-release spot, :30 Reveal All, showcased more exclusive moments from the later episodes to draw the audience into this as a must-watch series.

:30 Radio

An enticing radio spot voiced by Coleen Rooney, who we directed, to land our main messaging of Coleen speaking out for the first time to tell her side of the story and unveiling her truth behind the scandal.

Our social campaign assets harnessed and reignited the drama through a distinctively ‘social media’ look and feel, and enticed fans who wanted to hear Coleen’s truth. We created bespoke edits that put Coleen and her sleuthing abilities front and centre, while also leaning into the humour of the documentary series across platforms such as TikTok, Meta, Snap and Pinterest.

We produced a collection of organic social assets for Disney+’s owned social channels, that built anticipation and generated buzz around the release by incorporating social media and text messages, that was a nod to the series itself through a variety of creative pathways.

We produced a suite of digital banners and website skins to promote the documentary series across digital retailer sites, and DOOH creative. The creative for both the digital website builds and DOOH drew inspiration from the key art and we produced witty copy that was tailored to the site’s location to appeal to different audiences.