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Our strategy centered on enlisting culinary influencers to share their movie night experiences, sparking conversations around favorite films, viewing experiences, and tasty movie-watching foods. The unique combo of food and film helped drive excitement and successfully turned passive viewers into active participants, driving both digital sales and a stronger brand affinity for Sony’s film collection.

The Sony Pictures DIY Movie Night campaign marked a triumph in influencer engagement by capitalizing on the shared experience of movie-watching and fostering genuine connections with precise online communities, amplifying the visibility of Sony’s library.

The campaign’s content objectives had a few goals in mind. It inspired viewers to partake in their own DIY Movie night and purchase the bundle of their favorite movies, it encouraged conversations about personal film favorites, the perfect culinary pairing, and motivated sharing of cherished movie- watching memories. Through these methods, we were able to reach over 125K impressions within 24 hours.

Lastly, we reviewed influencers’ posts to pull out essential learnings and recommendations – beyond standard metrics like views and engagement. We looked for actionable insights and opportunities to build upon these learnings to provide strategic direction & guidance for future opportunities.