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This season, we embraced and highlighted Hart’s unique ability to bring out never-before-seen or heard, raw and authentic moments with the talent. We featured the unfiltered nature of these interviews, as well as the fun, comedic moments that inevitably come out when celebs let loose with a glass of wine or two. 

With limited visuals and cutaways, we focused on making the editorial style as dynamic and engaging as possible in the movements and transitions. Through this approach, we were able to feature quick punchy bites and moments, teasing the snippets of conversations in between transitions. We kept the music tonally consistent with past seasons to preserve the feel and established tone of the existing brand.

Key Art

For key art, we highlighted a stylized execution of Kevin Hart on his own with a glass of wine while we see the evolution of his different facial expressions in the background, speaking to all of his bold reactions in the series. We also played with the different color elements to bring attention and an energizing effect to this season, while alluding to the playfulness and lightheartedness of the series. In keeping the brand look in mind, we aimed to keep the chairs and wine glasses in the shot to highlight the conversational aspect of the series and tie it back to previous season’s artwork.