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For the series trailer, our in-house music and sound division, Synchronic, created a custom cover of Elvis’ “Devil In Disguise,” featuring haunting vocals from our very own music coordinator, Allyson Aranez.

Evil Wears Many Faces

With our art, we explored a visual representation of Gacy’s multifaceted personality — the disguise that enabled him to get away with vile murders while hiding in plain sight. The unique illustrative approach and color palette brought a modern feel to this cold case, with a depth that suggests something to be revealed. And if you dare to look even closer, the “33” scratched into his face paint references his 33 victims.

The Deeper You Dig, The Darker It Gets

With the promise of hearing shocking new theories and chilling new details straight from the killer himself, our hero spot created a sense of urgency to drive tune-in for our campaign.