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Immersive In-World Digital Destination

Welcome to Jurassic World, the most in-depth movie marketing site ever. For fans new and existing, the site brought the theme park to life as an immersive experience—treating the island as if it were real. A cross-platform, responsive site, it included everything you needed to book a trip in person, from ticketing to attraction wait times to live webcams.

Doubling Down on Social with On-Set Creative

Trusted with access on set to capture in-between moments for fans, we produced creative content that broke form for a major franchise. To truly reach a new generation of fans, we partnered with Universal Pictures to step outside of our comfort zone and bring fans closer into Jurassic World. And the hilarious Chris Pratt.

Four prints portraying Jurassic Park as a real-life resort were created as part of a “Limited Edition Vintage Travel Poster” series for the exclusive Barnes & Noble release of the Blu-ray. Following the overwhelming success in the market, the illustrations were selected to be a part of the Film & Motion Picture Academy Archives — which contributed to the truly historic heights reached by the film, and once again put Jurassic World in the history books.

We extended the franchise of Jurassic World into creative and design for Home Entertainment,
further cementing the new property in the hearts and minds of Dinarsouras fans as an instant
classic for the modern family.