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In the Teaser, we skillfully intertwined eerie background voices with cinematic footage to enhance the series emotionally, focusing on the protagonist’s memories.

For the Main Trailer, we vividly conveyed the gripping tone while depicting Amaya’s disappearance, its impact on her parents, and Detective Mirren’s pursuit of truth, sparking audience curiosity. Accurately portraying Mirren required balancing fragility and strength, hinting at her painful history and determination to uncover Amaya’s mystery. We utilized early episode footage to provide a tantalizing glimpse into the story’s intrigue without revealing key plot points, engaging viewers while preserving suspense.


Key Art

For the key art, one of the challenges was infusing the visuals with the right mood and drama given the show’s inherently dark subject matter. Achieving the perfect lighting was paramount in our photography efforts, as it played a pivotal role in elevating the overall atmosphere of the show. Teaser and alternative artwork cleverly dropped hints about the show’s location in Málaga, while our main art prominently featured missing posters. This approach effectively allowed us to convey the central storyline of Amaya and engage the audience in a captivating visual narrative—all while avoiding any spoilers.