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We worked with Lionsgate UK on the theatrical launch of Saw X, creating a suite of bespoke social assets that ran as part of the paid TikTok campaign. We were able to tease the gore that horror fans crave and expect from this franchise, while also being able to work within the TikTok guidelines to deliver results for our client. 

We created accessible creative which was not dependent on audiences having a prior understanding of the Saw franchise. This ensured that audiences didn’t feel alienated by the campaign, whilst also tapping into the iconography of Saw as a nod to audiences who are already fans of the franchise.

We leaned into well-known TikTok trends (‘Thing About Saw X that just make sense’) whilst always retaining Lionsgate’s irreverent (and unhinged) tone of voice on social, ensuring that everything produced felt native to the platform at all times. 

We were subsequently asked by Lionsgate to create further bespoke assets specifically for the VOD release of Saw X, encouraging fans to watch the film at home in-line with Halloween.