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Our creative strategy centered around the idea of acting like the series had a cult following from day one: Inside Out Marketing. The strategy assumed a campaign responsibility to serve an insatiable super fan appetite of dissecting every element of the series, to provide cues to a broad audience that the series was a must-watch.

The Title in Motion

Our adaptation of the now-iconic title into a motion title helped solidify the visual language of the show into people’s hearts and minds.

Going into season two, we helped celebrate the cult following that had become Stranger Things across feeds and trade stages, including ComicCon.

Retaining the fan community between seasons

Facing a year and a half between seasons, we needed to retain the fan community and continue to build interest among an audience not quite caught up with the series. Our slow drip of content that was filled with easter eggs during this year and a half period, kept fans engaged and dissecting each content piece as it rolled out.

Focusing on 1985 as a key theme of season three, a New Year’s Eve social stunt live-streamed 1985 Dick Clark footage in tandem with the actual countdown. The ball drop evolved into a Stranger Things content including an official date reveal. The stunt live-streamed across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

A series of spots followed our date announcement that teased the upcoming season with hidden easter eggs specific to its narrative. The strategy was to give the fan community something to talk about during its production while using their love to sustain the show’s relevance in pop culture leading into season three.

Facing halted production due to the pandemic, we continue to partner with Netflix to tease the upcoming season with our strategy: a slow drip of content pieces that allow the story, characters, world and Stranger Things franchise to remain relevant and alive among its fan community and beyond.