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Our trailer put the humor and heart of the series front and center. To set the tone, we start at the infamous ‘Big Baps Café’ with the original cast from the film to hit the audience with nostalgia. We then showcase where they all are 25 years later and introduce fresh faces as we follow all the ups and downs and all their shenanigans. We’ve used a fun commercial track from the Kaiser Chiefs ‘Know How To Love One Another’ for the back end track for a fun uplifting tone.

:30 Cutdown

The subsequent TV, digital and social spots helped build excitement around crew being back to together again. In these spots we’ve also made sure to balance out the humor with heartfelt moments. We worked on cutdown creatives of our trailer to deliver for BVOD and digital platforms.

:30 Radio

A fun radio spot with dialogue bites to play off the VO which is in a Northern accent to feel native to the series.

Our bespoke social campaign assets tapped into fans nostalgia of the original movie through dynamic paid social assets. We focused on narrative-led social-first AV, meme-style content and character-driven assets across platforms such as TikTok, Meta, Twitter, Snap and Reddit. 

We created a suite of organic social assets for Disney+’s owned social channels, tapping into the nostalgia and love for the film with meme formats and relatable content.

We created a suite of digital banners and website skins to promote the new series across digital retailer sites, and DOOH creative which ran in over 30 sites across the country, generating excitement and buzz for the release.

The creative for both the digital website builds and DOOH focused on recognisable cast members to drive awareness around the new series.