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The Food

We kept the delicious food at the forefront of our creative with assets such as recipe cards, ingredient diagrams, and special glimpses into the unique ingredients used by the contestants in their dishes.

The Countdown

We got tongues wagging with a series of countdown assets that helped generate buzz and got fans ready for the broadcast release of the new series.

The Fun With Food

We leveraged the lighthearted nature of the show with art parodies in which we inserted contestant meals into historical and famous works of art.

The Contestants & The Judges

At the heart of the show was the camaraderie with everyone involved. We showcased contestants and their hometowns and cultural backgrounds, introduced fans to the judges and host, and created a series of wholesome themed editorials like on entirely focused on the many compliments given on the show.

Holiday-Themed Creative

The holidays are a time many cultures observe with food and family, so we highlighted dishes and festive moments from episodes through a series of editorials that leaned into specific celebrations.