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TV Spot

Our spot amped up the drama of the matchup between Nadal and Alcarez with sound design and dramatic shots of our players from their previous matches. Large graphics tap into a familiar feel that consumers expect from sports marketing and serve to reinforce the live nature of the event.

Tease Art

For our first announcement of the event, we clearly conveyed the who, where, and when. 

We ensured our two players Nadal and Alcarez were prominently displayed alongside the location and LIVE cueing customers to understand this is a single match in a Las Vegas (as opposed to a docuseries).

We also developed a logo that very prominently displayed NETFLIX to ensure that we tied the event back to the streamer.

Matchup Art

Our final matchup art amplified the intensity and drama between our two players, placing them visually in a head-to-head matchup. This took shape in our out-of-home marketing, catching the attention of passerbys.