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We scripted and storyboarded this spot, starting in 1999 with a young couple watching Star Trek on the original TiVo. When they start to fast forward, they’re transported to the present-day where TiVo can now do so much more. By clearly showing the device with the voice over “it’s not a DVR,” we reinforced the new product as part of the TiVo brand.

We produced this spot from start to finish, from casting to shooting with our very own production team and staff director Vanessa Marzaroli through all post-production.

Fast Forward Food

In partnership with Tastemade, we extended the life of our original spot by re-conceptualizing it around food. We designed a faux cooking show open for 1999 and redesigned the VFX and sound design to work with the new Tastemade footage and UI experience

After just one week in rotation, sales of TiVo Stream 4k were up 500%! We look forward to a continued partnership with TiVo and their parent brand, Xperi.